A Decentralised Cryptocurrency

Deployed on XBOND Blockchain (Fork of Tron Blockchain)

We invite Innovators and Decentralized Asset Developers to take the advantage of our Smart Contract deployment feature and create their own Lightening, Speed, Reliable and Futuristic Performance capable XB10 and XB20 Tokens.

About Us

The XBOND (XBO) Difference

The Block Chain

The XBOND (XBO) Block chain presents a scalable, high-availability and high-throughput upkeep that inspires all the decentralized applications in the ecosystem. Our network encourages users to build their own decentralized entertainment applications.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

We have the decentralized exchange (DEX), which is a cryptocurrency exchange operating without a central authority. This allows peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies. Our users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange; therefore, the risk of theft from the hacking of exchanges is reduced.

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

The chosen Consensus mechanism to the XBOND (XBO) network is the Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism. Coin holders can now lock their coin balances to become Block Validators.


Rewards are given on the XBOND (XBO) Coin for exchange. XBOND (XBO) hard caps the supply to Fifty Million XBOND (XBO) or 50 000 000 XBOND (XBO) with a 35 percent pre-mine which amounts 17.5 million XBOND (XBO).

Wallet Encryption

Our Wallet encryption allows you to protect your wallet where user can view their transactions and account balance, but are required to enter their password before spending XBOND (XBO) Coins.


  1. Inception, Research and Team Building

  2. XBOND Exchange Developement and Community Building through XBOND (XBO) COIN ICO.

  3. ICO closed successfully, XBOND exchange launched, Trading started, Exchange's Mobile App launched, XBOND Blockchain forked out of TRON succesfully, Airdrops of XBOND (XBO) coin initiated.

XBO Coin


Total Supply 50000000
Premine 17500000
Coin Name XBOND (XBO)
Block Reward Dynamic
Consensus DPoS
Algorithm Lamport
Minimum Confirmations 1
Address Prefix X

XBO Market Performance

  • Price$0.2500


We've heard a lot of questions over the years and have compiled, for your convenience, a thorough and varied FAQ. Don't worry, if your questions are not on here, you can always ask the community.

The XBOND (XBO) Coin is a groundbreaking new transaction settlement and data transfer layer in the world of digital currencies. The XBOND (XBO) will feature smart contracts along with Delegated Proof of Stake consensus. The XBOND (XBO) Coin will be listed on DEX, as well as P2P Exchange. Through the XBOND (XBO) Coins, users can conduct their transactions with very low fees.

You can buy XBOND (XBO) from an exchange or through the official website. Additionally, you can try mining XBOND (XBO) to get coins from the block reward.

The paraphrase is a set of 18 words that can be alternatively used to reinstate your account anywhere. You are advised to keep these words secure and not discuss them with someone else. At times when your computer crashes, the phrase can reinstate your account.

You can login to http://xbond.io/ and buy XBOND (XBO) Coins in no time. Most of the transactions in the XBOND (XBO) framework do not require a transaction fee. However, with a bandwidth usage and transaction, certain fee is charged. A transaction fee will be functional when buying the XBOND (XBO) Coin.

Similar to the internet, no one owns the XBOND (XBO) Network. Whilst developers are cultivating the software, they cannot empower a change in the Coin protocol because all users are free to select what software and version they use. The code base for XBOND (XBO) is based on Java and uses LevelDB for storing Block Chain. XBOND (XBO) will use Lamport algorithm for consensus.

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